Thanksgiving! ... and Captain Ron

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Thu 7 Nov 2013 00:36
23:58.9N 62:35.9W It has been quite a day....we ran out of propane....the
computer/satellite connection failed...we confirmed that we are REALLY short
on fuel! But....we optimistically put our new fishing line in the water
(Thanks to my very good buddy Ralph!!), and had a "Passage Thanksgiving
Dinner"! Here is a little more. First our primary computer/satellite
connection just quit working, but the Satellite phone set continued to work;
so I called Gavin our IT genius, we worked on it over the sat phone
connection, and, after an hour, concluded there may be a system satellite
problem. So we are now connected to the internet and the outside world via
our redundant, backup, satellite be honest, I was not sure I
would ever use the "backup satellite system", but it is now keeping us in
touch! I am quite glad to have the backup!! Nesxt we realized we are
finally in conditions for fishing, so out came the "brand new super deluxe
five-star fishing gear and accessories" that Ralph put together for me, the
non-fisherman, so that I would not was out and working and it goes
out again for the updates!! Then Cap started his "Passage
Thanksgiving Dinner", since we expected to get in on Friday, and the day
before arrival is always busy. And he went all out....a full huge turkey
breast went in the oven, stuffed with stuffing, along with sweet potatoes,
white potatoes, and more.....but, one hour into the turkey bake the burner
went off. Three days ago, we ran out of propane on Bottle A, so I switched
to a full Bottle B, and reconnected the fitting (just like a gas grill); the
fitting was a little hard and crusted, but with wrench tightening it seemed
to be good, and the pressure jumped to 65 pounds. We now realize that the
fitting was leaking, the propane was very slowly venting over the side, and
today the bottle went empty....and for this I did not have a "third backup".
BUT ... instantly, Cap switched gears and re-planned the rest of the dinner
and the baking of the turkey using the microwave.....It was a fabulous
dinner, gravy and all....with a very moist turkey breast!! And then comes
the fuel situation....all sailors, and some of our readers, may be aware of
the movie "Captain Ron" staring Kurt Russell. Well there is a great line
when they are in a bad storm, things are looking dim, they are lashing
themselves to the mast so they do not fall overboard, that is, the family
and 4 real guerrillas (bad guys), and everyone is wanting to know when they
will get to land, and Capn Ron says "We will know we are there when we run
out of fuel.....and we are out of fuel" which point the engine dies, 10 is sighted! What a genius, magical
idol! Well we must be almost to the BVI's, because we are seriously almost
out of fuel!! But...again the resourceful crew...found a way to sail into a
squall to get wind to move us to our destination without the engine....this
will be down to the wire, with arrival now early Saturday (since the winds
are very light and we need to sail),keeping emergency fuel in reserve! We
ended the day with a special spice cake that Cap baked in the oven earlier
today....and saw the most gorgeous sunset! And so this is how bluewater
sailing and ocean passages go! We forget the first few rough days...and we
remember the dinner, dessert, and we think about Captain Ron!!
Captain Mike