"hunkering down" .... we are in for a "ride"....entering Bay late today

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Wed 31 May 2017 16:15
34:41.50N 74:16.36W it is 12 noon. Cav is preparing "meatloaf
sandwiches" ... following last night's great meatloaf dinner with wine, and
Cubans after that ... and I told the story of Capt Mike, and Wedding Planner
Vicki, marrying "Wally" (my brother Pat) and Marsha at Cooper Island, with a
"Romeo Y Julietta" cigar band, which we obtained at Foxy's (Jost Van Dyke)
and smoked at Norman Island!! So today's weather from Commander's
Weather calls for the roughest weather of the passage.....squalls and
showers today with winds to 20+, and gusts of 30-40 knots. The Captain
briefed the crew on "the plan for the next 24 hours", as we "hunker down",
prepare preventer, discuss contingencies and immediate actions if big gusts
come, etc. etc. But this experienced and tight knit crew is more than
ready!! We expect to enter the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay about 2pm
Thursday, then transit the 125 miles up the Bay during the night on
Thursday. We DO NOT expect to stop for fuel, so we should arrive at
"Cedarstone" (our home on Aberdeen Creek/Melvin Road) just after sunrise on
Friday morning. While we are still trolling for fish (after a great wahoo
catch, and after loosing 3 lures....including one on a marlin or sailfish,
estimated at 200 pounds by the experienced fishermen...clearly a big "bill
fish" as we saw it jump out of the water)....we are looking forward to the
second round of "Grandma Wallace's darn good beef stew!"). And so it
goes..... Captain Mike (full blog at http://blog.mailasail.com/arbella )