Sailin' .... and making way!

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Mon 29 May 2017 23:25
30:21.66N 71:16.25W It is great to have FULL SAILS UP ALMOST ALL
DAY....without any engine is now 7pm (the blog logs things at
UTC, universal time constant, which is 5 hours ahead....used to be called
"GMT" Greenwich Mean Time)....and we are sailing on a beam reach, wind out
of the southwest, on a heading of northwest (340 degrees), and making way at
8.5 to 10 knots as gusts come and go. With all of that, we heel by 30
degrees, occasionally with "rail in the water" walking around the
boat (or taking a shower) can be a bit of a challenge. We plan to "enter
the Gulf Stream about 11am on Wednesday, and then enter the Bay Thursday at
sunset. If all that works, and we can mostly sail for the next 3 days, then
we will certainly have enough fuel to get all the way home!! But we will
really not have a final plan until this time on Wednesday. Tonight we had
another spectacular sunset....and now "Cav" and Rich are serving up a very
special spaghetti sauce (lots of ingredients) and Italian sausage, with
broccoli! It would be nice if we could get the spinnaker flying by early
Wednesday....time will tell...we ned the wind to get "abaft the beam" on to
the port quarter or aft from there....hoping it will "clock around" a bit
more! Captain Mike