"On the beach" in 5 hours .. arrival imminent

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Fri 8 Nov 2013 20:27
18:56.15N 64:26.29W Coming into a port and getting "off the boat", in the
U.S. Navy, is referred to as "hitting the beach"...and that is about what we
are to do! What a finish (knowing we are not there yet!). We were very
fortunate with some squalls and winds last night which significantly aided
our fuel situation...and we continued with 8-10 knots of wind all day
today...that is not at all what we expected (we were expecting "0")!! So
we "dipped the fuel tank" (used our dip stick to get the most accurate
reading available) several times today to keep accurate track of our fuel
situation. By golly....Captain Ron WAS RIGHT...."we will know we are there
when we are out of fuel....and we are out of fuel...so we must be there" ...
and then we saw Virgin Gorda in the distance an hour ago...."land ho"!! We
have 5 hours and 38miles to go, and 30 liters of available fuel, cutting our
emergency margin down to 40liters. We will go directly to our slip in
Village Cay Marina in Road Town Harbour, arriving about 9pm. I am writing
this blog entry now ... because...when we get those lines tied off, you
won't believe how fast we are going to scramble to "hit the beach"!!!
Others ashore may not like the smell of the crew...but we really don't care
at this point!! Dinner is not on the priority list....but some
refreshments are....did I mention abo Dark and Stormy's!!! A melancholy
moment is setting in with the crew as sunset approaches and this passage
comes to an end....safely and with great humor, with an absolutely terrific
crew...Paul, Cap, and Jim....I'd sail with them anywhere!! "This is the
sailing vessel Arbella....Over and Out"!! Captain Mike