Alice has a fling. 15:52.04N 61:35.26W

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Fri 22 Feb 2008 16:00
As you know Alice has had a puncture, (now repaired). Unfortunately, her inflatable floor has now developed a big bulge in it, which makes her look a little pregnant: We are concerned that she will "last" the trip. This is on top of the tantrum she threw last night while visiting a friends boat; she flipped upside down in a strong gust of wind, on top of another dinghy, (tart!). Fortunately the engine still worked to get us back to Sea Squared, and close inspection today does not reveal any serious drowning....hopefully! Christine blames her hormones, as she is now 16 years old!

Anyhow we are presently anchored in a lovely bay in Les Saintes, a group of small islands just to the south of Guadeloupe. We probably will not stay too long however as the swell creeps into the anse and makes it rather uncomfortable.

The islands are very French, and not at all like the "self governing" caribbean islands, it's like being in France, but hotter, much hotter!