2008 already!

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Sun 6 Jan 2008 16:30
Well after a lovely family Christmas, and a great New Year party; celebrated
in the traditional English way with eating, drinking, swimming, followed by
fireworks on the beach at midnight, Jonathan and Sue have now returned to
the "real world". Paul and Kelly have another week, and then they will be
back to UK, leaving C2 all alone again .........

Presently we are anchored in Martinique, which is very pretty, very busy and
very French: They even have a DIY computerised customs entry: Somewhat
different from the bureaucratic paper system of St Lucia; which we will
probably have to negotiate twice more; joy! At least Christine has improved
the custom chaps demeanour to terse, as opposed to the standard aggressively
rude! Guess who does St Lucian customs?

We had a visit from the family Simpson last week when their cruise ship
popped (nautical term) into Castries. It was a very different way of
catching up with the local gossip sitting on the boat in the Caribbean;
especially the West Chiltington Christmas murder.

We are having a few showers, but by and large the weather is fantastic, the
trade wind breeze keeping the temperature at just a comfortable level: We
are already hoping that this year brings a fantastic summer to the UK, as we
may otherwise go into shock when we get back, we really need a minimum of
21C (at night!).

We know that the blog has been neglected, and that there have not been any
photos, but we have loads of excuses ranging from technical issues to time
constraints and laziness. We will try to do better; promise! The local
answer when asking when something will be done is "just now". This loosely
translated means Manana (can't do the Spanish ~ above the n, sorry), but without the urgency!

Have a fantastic New Year, healthy, happy and wealthy if at all possible!

Team C2