Ria De Cormey Lage 43:13.21N 8:59.89W

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Wed 13 Jun 2007 11:24
We have moved after a restful few days in La Coruna: having provisioned the boat, (El Supermercado), had a few brisk walks and a long cycle round the headland. There was no WIFI we could access, so the stunning pictures will have to wait! La Coruna is a great place to stop after the crossing, but as a large busy city, is not the sort of place for an extended stay, not our kinda thuyng!
The weather has been strange due to a stationary low west of Portugal which seemed to produce SW winds in the morning and nice N sea breezes in the afternoon: Not yesterday however, when we decided to move; steady on the nose with grey damp choppy conditions. We are really saving up some stunning sailing to come in the near future.
We are actually now anchored in a small, but very pleasant ria with a couple of other boats. Lovely beach, small fishing village, all we need to complete the scene is some warmer sunshine.
At least we have "Jennifer", the wind generator, working again (x) hopefully, after discovering a slightly dodgy switch. She is now happily bashing amps into the batteries with this fresh breeze (good girl!).
Christine did in all fairness manage a couple of bikini hours yesterday, so the weather, is not awful, but very changeable from hot with blue skies to grey and windy ....... where's those Caribbean trades "mon".
We tried the Tuna lure on the way, and guess what we caught some seaweed .... still that was the first outing, and anyway we are not sure if the gaff we bought in Falmouth is going to be big enough, these small tuna are very big! (OK so we have to catch one first, but a bit of planning is important).
Well fresh coffee beckons so more soon.
Love C2 afloat