La Coruna 43:22.09N 008:23.76W

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Fri 8 Jun 2007 19:59
Well we are in another country; we landed at 3pm Thursday 7th June after 3 days 6 hours at sea from Falmouth.
The journey was made interesting by the weather which was pretty much as forecast, but the sea state was generally much worse, confused and rather steep big waves. This along with the fog, loads of commercial shipping on night 2, and the 7/8 winds on night 3 as we approached Finisterre, kept us on our toes. We played with three pods of dolphins on the way down, one group played for over 5 hours, they are such lovely carefree (seemingly) creatures. They were jumping at the side of the cockpit squeeking (dolphin chatter) absolutely great! We are formally adopting that pod.
Christine has finally named the Hydrovane (that's the wind vane steering thingy on the back), in a moment of transcendental inspiration she came up with "Marg": That is Marg from the Simpsons. The Vane looks like her hair-do, ok red rather than blue, but otherwise a dead ringer; so Marg it is!
On the subject of Marg, she performed magnificently. After the first five minutes of new user confusion she helmed faultlessly right the way across without giving us the slightest worry, fantastic device, the designer (If he was alive) should be given a medal!
Well we have had 10 hours of sleep, washed the boat, and are showered ready to investigate La Coruna.
They don't do pasties here, but Chris was allowed one before removing the beard which was getting itchy!! Has to be beer and Tapas now!
C2 afloat xx
ps the proposed photos will be uploaded when we have some wifi; this is a slow satphone upload sorry ........