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Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Sun 12 Aug 2007 18:39
No NOT Chanctonbury Cruising Club: Confusion, Clouds & Crabs.

For the trip down from Sines, we left early in the morning, requiring a wake up at 6am, which in these latitudes equals darkness, and this led to much Confusion of minds which were not adjusted to dark mornings. This feeling was increased as the dawn struggled with the light, by a total grey Cloud blanket: No clouds at all on the menu for ages, total shock. Then when we thought we were just about awake, and pottering gently south in a smooth sea, the shout was "sprats all around the boat": However they did not look like sprats, in fact they were Crabs, everywhere as far as the eye could see, swimming like mad just under the surface. We sailed through them for miles. If anyone can tell us about mass migrations we would be pleased to hear.

On the subject of masses of creatures we also saw literally 100s of dolphins in a huge school apparently intently eating sardines, it was an immense sight; fortunately to our port side, as we have had reports that the dolphins get a bit cross if you get too close when they are feeding.

Well we are around Cape St Vincent, and have been anchored in some lovely bays, the first on our own under a Moorish fort ...... magic.

The photos as usual will be following: This blog, if it works will be courtesy of satellite technology; or for you technophobes, "magic".