Fluffy blog from Sta Cruz Tenerife

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Wed 24 Oct 2007 20:06
No WIFI so we are doing the technical stuff using the sat phone.

We have been inundated (one person actually) with comments that the blog is too fluffy because we are obviously too relaxed, and it needs to get a bit rufty tufty sailorish with lots of daring do! Well this will just be a quick catch up blog as to where we have been since the camels, rather fluffy, but future blogs will only recount 20m waves and 50Kn plus winds just to keep the paying public happy.

From the Rubicon in Lanzarote we sailed to the south of Fueteventura to Morro Jable. This place charged 6 Euros a night, but the dust we had to scrape off the boat daily was the real payment. We met up with our chums Richard and Kate for a couple of days, who were holidaying on the island. They are old hands at Fuerteventura, and showed us the lava tube (great photos to follow), lots of naked Germans (absolutely no photos to follow) and no Hoopoos (we were stalking them). A Hoopoo for the uninitiated is a crested bird with dark wings and a buff tummy, so the book says! They all must have emigrated (migrated). We did see Barbary Squirrels though. (really fluffy photos to follow)

Of course as you know we have been watching all of the rugby, so the only way to see the final was to book into a hotel. First night ashore in 5 months. The German receptionist was bemused by the requirement of confirming that the rugby was on the tv before checking in; and "only for one night sir"? The rest as they say is history.

We then sailed for Sta Cruz passing Las Palmas by 5 miles as we wanted a quick look at Tenerife, and we will be back to Gran Canaria in a couple of days to join the ARC throng, and start getting the jitters. (Rufty tufty bit: the wind reached 28kn at times in the night and the swell was really really big!)

The wind generator appears to be working perfectly (touch some wood), the manual water pumps have been replaced .... best not to talk about that. Hopefully other than a dive to replace prop anodes and "polish" the bottom, there will not be much to do other than party until the 25th when were off! Excepting provisioning ...............

Oh yes dolphins swimming on their sides with their heads pressed against the hull as we motored into Sta Cruz. We think they were a bit kinky enjoying the vibration from the engine.