Camarinas 43:07.60N 09:10.93W

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Fri 15 Jun 2007 19:31
Well we may have moved but oh dear the Portugese trade winds are blowing the wrong way: It is supposed to be hard to sail north in the summer here, not south! We managed the 20 miles about 5 hours of windward bashing ....... really hard work.
We spent the time at Lage at anchor unable to get off the boat, too windy and wet for the dinghy. The French pair next door managed to upend their dinghy and drown the outboard. Needless to say they were not very happy, and you did not need to speak French to get the gist of their feelings.
Mrs Chris has decided that there are some really nice long walks here one of which is called the "Sendeiro da Costa do Morte", which leads to the lighthouse untold miles away. ( A prize will be given for the first correct translation received).
Supper now, yum yum! Catcha later!