The preparations continue

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Wed 14 Nov 2007 20:38
No racy photos this time, as the inside of lockers and steaming pans on the cooker do note make riveting pictures.
We have had, and passed without any glitches, our safety inspection, which many boats are struggling with! Now we are cooking and stowing, ready for the off; getting very close! Of course now that the ARC has formally started, so have the parties: Two nights of revelry so far, will the liver survive. Tomorrow the seminars start as well, and we are booked in for loads; "learning with a hangover", it's a new OU course.
The lovely pictures of flags and stressed crew will be available in the next edition, which is due out shortly.
Anyone wondering about all of the automatic position updates on the blog (one person mentioned it); this is the position reporting testing for the ARC control. They are a bit like NASA mission control only less sophisticated. They have a wireless rather than a bank of computers. Anyway they plot all this stuff and put sexy lines on a chart for all the boats so you can see who is last .......... we are nearly the smallest!

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