Beau Geste I presume? 29:13.67N 13:30.18W

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Thu 20 Sep 2007 10:07
We are safely installed on what must be the strangest of the inhabited (slightly) Canary Islands. Pictures will have to follow later to demonstrate, but the town (hamlet) is like a set from a French Foreign Legion film; Moroccan style buildings, sand streets, with sand all round the edges (about 50 metres away). It's fantastic.

The harbour has no water or electricity, so as you will guess no Internet!

Our crossing from Madeira was fast, and we had to spend the last night progressively reefing to slow the boat down, as we did not want to arrive in the dark; there are no lights in this neck of the woods. As it transpired we reached our waypoint, 5nm off at 0700, as it was just beginning to get "grey", so all was well for some mark one eyeball pilotage to the Isla Graciosa. The passage must have been quite calm relatively, as bread was made on the way, and very nice it was to, especially at 0300 when the moon has set, and the munchies get you!

Desert explorations today: Small island, so should not get lost ....... keep the sea on one side, and must get back to the harbour, eventually!