Merry Christmas from the Caribbean mon!

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Tue 25 Dec 2007 14:34
It is very surreal tied to a palm tree (boat!) wishing everyone Merry Christmas. Most of the crew are swimming in the 29 degree waters to keep cool: The plan is to go ashore for a bbq chicken lunch on the beach and chill, as we had a "seriously" strenuous day yesterday climbing the "petite piton", which has stiffened everyone's muscles, if not their resolve.

The wifi at the marina was awful, and so we could not blog with photos, which is a pity as we have some real crackers. Additionally it took us a week to come round after the crossing, so we were not being at our most dynamic anyway.

For the record we finished seventh in our division, which considering we sailed very conservatively (for us), and appear to have no damage is great. So many boats have weeks of work to put straight, I think the day or so they gained in boat speed may seem a little less rewarding now!

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Lots of Love

Full Team Sea Squared xxxxxx