Off to Graciosa

Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Sun 16 Sep 2007 17:27
A blog with lots of pictures was on the cards, so that we could embarrass our friends Liz and Keith who have been staying on the island for three days: They came armed with unattainable emergency supplies which included Marmite and PG Tips!

However the marina has removed the WIFI access, "as the President thinks it is a security risk". We are therefore left with a quick satellite text upload. But fear not, the full blog will appear as soon as technology allows.

We should be at sea until sometime Wednesday (19/09), getting to Graciosa (approx 275nm). This is the small island at the top of Lanzarote, which is supposedly rather nice; we shall see, and of course will tell everyone about it in due course.

Catch yoos later (Just practicing my Scouser)