Sea Squared`s Atlantic Circuit
Chris & Christine Swain
Sat 28 Jul 2007 12:45
Since the last update we have passed through, so to speak, Figuero do Foz, on the way to Nazare, where we are presently moored.

This little missive is being typed sitting on a rock outside the library which is closed, but their wifi is still switched on, so we are connected: Obviously we could not do this in UK, as the laptop would get wet, but here in the shade from the blazing sun, it is rather pleasant, although hard on the derriere!

We had a good sail to FigFoz, needed the long sleeves to keep off the sun (see photo), but the arrival was exciting: Afternoon wind picks up to 30 knots (fairly standard stuff here), fishing boat aground in the narrow entrance, being towed off by a tug, struggling with the mainsail (should have reefed earlier), then ship also coming out down the narrow fairway, fishing lines off the wall (which was too close), swell breaking noisily to left and right and surfing us in .............. hoping the engine fix is 100% .... oh well all character building stuff!

The cycling has been going well, and there is a photo of the little beasties, for those of you who have never seen a Brompton bike: Any tittering will be severely dealt with, they are great things to ride......... really! (6 gears)

We were going to include a photo of a packed beach of grockles, but we decided that would not add to the mystique of remote deserted sailing destinations, which we are trying to cultivate.

Stay well!

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