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Date: 10 Jul 2007 19:37:00
Title: Bayona in the sunshine

This is the first port of call since Sanxenxo, as we have been anchoring around the rias in wonderful weather; a bit breezy, but beautifully warm and with blue blue skies.

The fishing has been going well, hence the fishing person has not been sacked; 20 mackerell to date, so we have a very high omega 3 levels on Sea Squared. Still awaiting the tuna, but give her time!

Loads of photos to upload, but that will have to wait until we get a WIFI connection, rather than a dodgy Internet cafe.

This is our last port of call in Spain, as tomorrow (Wednesday) we hope to be heading south to Portugal; this will mean another phrase book and gesticulating in a different language!

Next stop the Chandlery for some essential ship supplies, wine and bread ...... ooops supermarket!!

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