L'Aberwrach and waiting for the last leg. 48.35.96 N 04.33.69 W

Robin & Jenny Martin
Sun 8 Jul 2012 10:23

Arrived in L'Aberwrach from Benodet having taken the tide through the Raz de Sein and Chenal du Four. What a journey through one of the fastest tides around and a must to be going in the right direction. Speeding along at 9 knots, that's nearly 5 knots of tide we made the trip in 7 hours.
We had a photo shoot with Pelagia going past La Plate lighthouse in the sunshine. They moved on to the English Channel and home whilst we carried on round the north coast of Brittany.
L'Aberwrach is a great sailing centre with a good Marina and lots of activity so there was always something going on. They are preparing for the classic wooden boats to arrive before the Brest Festival. We have pipers welcoming them to the port and to the music festival about to start. The local town of Landeda has the supermarket but everything else is around the marina. We were disappointed that the local bar with the TV didn't show Murrays semi final against Tsonga, a Frenchman. I suppose the tour de France was in full flow.
Off to Dartmouth later today as the weather is looking good.


Sunset in L'Aberwrach

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