Characters of the Carribean

Robin & Jenny Martin
Mon 28 Feb 2011 11:49
Characters of the Carribean


30th-1st - St Lucia (Vieox Fort)

First person we met (other than mum & dad of course) was Captain Ricki. Brilliant Taxi driver, excellent adviser of places and people!Talking in a soft Creole drawl, advised us  on  , people and where not to go!Our first spotting of the obundance of wildlife life 'was the shear amount of minnow's in the harbour!We instinctively knew this was going to be an adventure full of wildlife and wonder.

On our second and first all day in the hot  but wonderful enviroment ,that is St Lucia Jules (being a connisuer of all thing's alcholic!)Deciceded that sampling the 80.5 percent rum (at lunch time!)was a good idea.

While jovially greating the local's, amazed by their sheer affection for all people foriegn ,from school children ,to old men. Everyone was friendly and happy to greet, or be greeted.

This was the point that Jules realised the many benefit's of having travel insurance! While enthusiasticly greeting a local rasta in the foreground, he was quick to forget the many pot holes and monsoon drain's that were to become common place on the island! Within an instant of his raising his hand jovially, he quickly disappeared down a monsoon drain yelping  as he went.This was Jules's first taste of St lucia and by first taste I mean he fell head first into one of the many drainage ditche's reserved for bad weather and what appeared to be slurry and battery acid!

The local staff at the supermarket's customer service desk were quick  to notice the blood seeping from Jules's now injured leg, offering rubbing alcohol  and dettol to the injured party...All at a price, we quickly realised that everything in St lucia came with a price ,even injuring yourself as the rasta on a crutch (which Jules greeted jovially)offered to help, for the small amount of $10!

Our first real character we met was Trevor Irish! Speaking with a strong Creole accent, while whittling with a selection of small tool's, he explained that he made trinket's out of Marlin bone and this was his main income (other than being THE MOST FAMOUS ISLANDER)He was quick to tell us of his famous antic's, the only islander to ever catch a Tiger shark(13 foot?) with his bare hand's!" Ah naht avin dis in ma bay!"He cried as the Tiger shark supposedly closed in on it's helpless prey (a tourist swimmer).With a cry "Jah Man!" He dove headfirst into the harbour and wrestled with the maneater!(At this point Trevor made a hugging motion, as if to imply he was wrestling the man eater single handedly)Another local ran to his aid and pulled him to the shallow's, using the same hugging/wrestling motion employed by his now tag-team partner ,they both landed this beast in the shallow's.Needless to say I bought a shark's tooth necklace from Trevor,for an irrational price of $12 U.S (Thankyou Serena as it was she who lent me the money)

On the 3rd and final day in St. Lucia (for now) we said our goodbyes to Chazzer & Serena in a taxi that was fashionable late as island life dictates (this turned out to be at their advantage as their plane was delayed for over an hour due to the computer in the control tower had gone down (maybe pilot was having a nap?!) It was at this point our faith in the sail, rather than the plane became apparent.


2nd-4th - Becquia

After a long sail, we moored as darkness settled, opting a meal at one of Becquia's "famous" bar Devils Table. The food was amazing as were the Jonny Depp photos on the wall (looking they were from a hairdressing magazine or 20 years younger!)

Our 2nd day here was spent on the beach sunning ourselves (the first of many) Jacks Bar on the beach provided us with a hearty meal and a mean rum punch, which tasted as good as it felt. The staff though approachable and friendly seemed unable to provide us with basic info on their bar's location. (There was NO road to or from the bar) But was able to provide us with a water taxi (at a price!) We now believe the staff and taxi driver to be in cahoot's as on our next visit we were able to quickly & successfully locate the beach and bar after a short walk (noticing the well sign posted arrows to Jack's Bar!)


4th-6th Mustique

The moment we dropped anchor we noticed the turtles gracefully swimming/gliding through the water. (Phillipa saw maybe(?) Simon Cowells house!) Our first snorkel expedition revealed a cornocopia  of wildlife on the reef too many to name or count. It was here we discovered 3 miles of unspoilt beach & "the" bendy palm tree from all the generic  postcards you would expect to recieve from the Carribean. This is where we saw the only sighting of a snake, he was very quick and there was alot of running through bushes trying to catch him, jules just managed to touch his tail; this made his day!


7th - Saline Bay

Though quiet & unasuming on the beach the town revealed more wildlife & characters. We are sure we saw the Cat from the Ikea advert (although now a little slender, modelling has its disadvantages) Met a nice barman who not only sold conch on his specials board (Jules soon to become favourite) He mixed a rum punch as well as he boasted. He said his dream was  always to visit England, which we quickly dashed after announcing that we had left home at -6 degrees & had a foot of snow earlier that month. On way down the hill to the short swim back to the boat we met the cutest talking goat we have ever met. Phillipa now wanted said baby goat to add to our growing collection of pets.


8th - Saline Bay to Becquia via Tabago Cays.

8 TURTLES!!!!!!!! A living conch & more Iguana's than you could shake a stick at. Not to mention seeing the biggest starfish in the world!

Back at Becquia we met Spot the dog & his kind lisping owner, who helped us moor the tender & explained that no longer sporting a spot, he had as a puppy. It was to late to change his name. We spent the day sunbathing on our beach, where Phillipa decided to taste the local poisened fruit(manchinee) NOT ADVISED!!! As she is still suffering now!

10 and 11th Becguia too Walhibou Bay (The set to Pirates of the Caribbean)

A simple but pretty bay(though spoilt by the incessant nuisance of overbearing boat boyz! We visited part's of the beach used in  P.O.C and a small but informative museum dedicated to the set.Later that evenining we all walked as a family up into the small and unassuming village ,where we discovered a Creole resteraunt owned by Jean paul and Michelle (michelle a wonderful cooker of tuna steaks and cake(Fennel cake we think,odd but surprisingly tasty!)Jean Paul a talkative and politically passionate host.Also he makes a rum punch with a hell of a punch!


12th Back to St. Lucia Marigote Bay

A beautiful Bay ,A far cry from the squalor of Forte Viox, kitted out with wonderful and overpriced Bar's full off pretty people and very friendly local's who were quick to inform Jules (after spotting an empty box) that K.F.C was a very long walk.But pointed us in the direction of what smelt like the finest jerk chicken ever to be cooked, unfortunately after searching we discovered, that Saturday is the local sunday and would'nt be open until we left (I think I saw a small tear roll down Jules's cheeck)


12th Rodney Bay

After a small boating disaster where a fire extinguisher and the generater were the key players!We found a wonderful cocktail Bar, complete with pool and swing's  and then moved next door to Thai one on (excellent conch served very hot ,much to Jules's taste,Hot Hot!) On the way home we found ourselves on board a luxury cruiser owned by a fine Gent called Greg and his girlfriend,who's name we have forgotten (drunk as skunk's) and finally stumbled (drunk as skunk's) back to theboat at around 4am.A very good night' sleep ensued!


13th To the airport

We had a lovely lunch by the marina in Rodney Bay said our goodbyes then jumped into a taxi to take us back to the airport.We are now convinced that our cabbie thought he was competing for the Stig's job on top gear as he drove flat out like a maniac all the way to the airport! Our wildlife adventures weren't over as in the departure lounge a bat crawled out of the ceiling and promptly slammed himself into the plate glass window's! Jules (ever the quick thinker) had just changed into some more suitable flying clothes took his T-shirt and threw it over the slightly stunned animal and after asking 5 different people was, escorted outside to put the little fella somewhere safe.


Big thanks to Mum & Dad for having us, bet its alot quieter now. We really have had an amazing holiday, it will  never be forgotten.


Phillipa & Jules. xx