Day 4 of Atlantic crossing.

Robin & Jenny Martin
Thu 25 Nov 2010 11:00
 Four nights at sea and a different sail set each one. First night beam reach then spinnaker run then goose winged and last night close hauled. We should relish the variety as once we hit the trade winds it will be down wind all the way until we turn left around Pigeon Island.
Our plan was to head south early and  hopefully avoid the light winds predicted to the west, this doesn't appear to have been a popular choice as we have seen very few yachts around us.
Nights watches have been highlighted by many cargo ships tracking up and down the African coast. Dusk and dawn brings the dolphins in huge pods, we never tire of their visit and look forward to the antics of the group's show off who can jump higher than the rest.
It's a busy life we lead, always jobs to do. The technology on board gives great entertainment, we look forward to receiving our emails and the daily radio net on the HF gives us plenty of information to mull over for the next 24 hours.
 We have to thank our tacticians and weather routers in Nottingham (Charlie) and Teddington (Wilfy).