Six days at sea and the wind won't play the game.

Robin & Jenny Martin
Sat 27 Nov 2010 11:12
100 miles north of Cape Verde Islands
After two days of feeling smug about our progress southwards we are now eating humble pie having found several big holes in the wind as we try to make some westing.
Daily emails of positions and estimated date of arrival in St Lucia have turned us from rallyers to racers! Not really, but it's good to know the progress of the other Malo and the rest of the fleet. It's amazing that after just four days we have seen no other yacht on the horizon. We do know that they are out there though because Robbie as one of the net controllers (radio communication coordinator), speaks daily to other HF radio users and finds out the gossip, most of which is about the weather. Word on the net is we're in for some nasty stuff from the south on Monday.
We are well settled into life on board Maymio. The days past quickly as there's always something to do. The last 48 hours have been challenging because of the lack/direction of the wind and the spinnaker has been in and out of it's sock several times a day. We have had to use the engine for short periods when we have had no wind at all. At night we do 3 hours on and 6 off on a rolling basis to cover the hours of darkness, it's working well for the three of us as are all able to take a cat nap during the day.
We are eating well and still have some of the fresh fruit and veg left. Meal planning is all about using ingredients before they rot or go off! But you must not feel sorry for us - Robbie and Tony are not losing weight and have been enjoying the revival of delights such as banana custard and hot chocolate. Fresh fish is a bit thin on the ground since the skipper lost his best lure.
Dolphin - we've seen lots both awake and asleep. Apparently they are able to switch of half their brain to sleep and we guess that that is what they are doing when see them drifting by just beneath the surface.
All's well aboard Maymio.