Our unexpected return to UK after exactly one year

Robin & Jenny Martin
Sun 14 Aug 2011 10:30
It with more sadness that we had to return to the UK because my father died on the 25th of July, only two days after Wilf. He had been poorly for six weeks but we all thought he was improving. He died peacefully in his sleep with Mum & Lyndy by his side. He was 89.
First, we went to Teddington where Wilf lived and Gatters and Mags were able to put us up. Graham is doing a fine job pulling together Wilf's estate and, with the cousins, the funeral arrangements. Wilf would have been proud of the send off because there were over 130 of us and a full house at the cremation service and afterwards at the reception at Fulwell Golf Club. Friends and relatives were there from the Cayman Islands, Germany, USA, Spain and all over the country. Wilf was a very popular guy and the reunion of all the Teddington hockey players, cousins and friends made for a memorable occassion.
In between funerals, Jen went to Devon for some quality time with the kids and to see our house and the tenants. Everything is well and good to spend time with everybody in Topsham. After catching up with the local gossip, Jen, Phillipa and Charlie were back in Boston, Lincs for my Dad's funeral.
One funeral is normally enough but two in four days was quite exhausting. Mum and Lyndy had everything organised and Dad would have been proud that so many family and friends were able to come, particularly my brother Mike and daughter Sophie from Australia. Again another full house with family from Scunthorpe, Ipswich and the Isle of Wight and many local friends.
The next adventure was to travel to Dunoon to bury the ashes at my Grandmother's grave. Meeting up with some of the White family, Scott Symons and local Dunoon friends made for a nice reunion. Even though a wet and drizzly day it was in keeping with our memories of Dunoon and holidays on the Isle of Arran. 
Although it was not our plan to return home it has been fantasic to see our family and friends. It has been good to sleep in proper beds, to have no worries about power and water, which is always a  constant concern on Maymio. Catching up with the news was interesting but we didn't expect  to return to riots and yet more economic crises. However, to see England beat India and become the World's number one cricket team was a bonus.
Now back across the water to be reunited with Maymio and to continue our travels. Thanks to everybody for your hospitality and kindness.

Photo Family and friends at Dunoon Cemetery.

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