A Sailor's plan are drawn in sand.

Robin & Jenny Martin
Thu 21 Apr 2011 17:38
We were all set and ready to return to St Maarten to buy and fit a D400 wind generator when Robbie notice a slow sea water leak coming from around the new cutlass bearing. So sadly it was back to the Nanny Cay engineers. They had us back out of the water after the week end and replaced the GRP around the drive shaft and we went back in the water to find the leak no better and a knocking noise in the engine so it was back out again. The engineers accepted the responsibility and were determined to put it right. The "new composite" cutlass bearing was removed and replace with a new brass one as was before. Back in the water and there was no knocking but still the slight leak so, out of the water again.
So after two weeks spent in Nanny Cay marina/boat yard, we are on first name term with most of the staff and are growing used to being bitten by the nasty little mosquitoes that live here.