Just 2659 miles to go!

Robin & Jenny Martin
Mon 22 Nov 2010 16:59
High spirits on board all the ARC boats and a fantastic local, cheering, singing crowd of well-wishers choreographed by Don Pedro the fuel barge owner failed to be dampened by a the early morning English weather - grey, cool and without a drop of wind.
Maymio left the marina along with more then 200 boats at 1130 am which made the entrance channel resemble the old Countess Weir roundabout on a bank holiday weekend. Amongst the crowd were Charles and Sue Mortimer from Turf - it was great to see them.
No sooner had we cleared the breakwater than the skies cleared, the sun shone and a steady 15 knot wind from the north east set in to speed us south over the start line.
Now, 24 hours later we are some 150 miles south of the Canaries and 70 miles off the Moroccan coast - Robin has just caught a whopping big fish (but it escaped along with Maymio's prize lure!).
Follow us live on the tracking page on the ARC website at www.worldcruising.com