Bermuda to USA.Day 5, So near yet..... 39.35.75N 68.58.83W

Robin & Jenny Martin
Fri 3 Jun 2011 20:43
Planning this trip we expected it to take five days. It will probably take us another two, the fly in the ointment of our calculations was the ocean current. For the last five days we have had up to 2 1/2 knots of current against us - that's an extra day sailing.
The gulf stream provided little problem, we crossed it at a narrow part and at right angles and for two glorious hours made 9.5 knots through the water.
Our other delaying factor has been a force 7 headwind with it's big sea for the last 24 hours when we made almost no progress at all. With only a little sail up we were going sideways. It has been too rough to cook and every small task seems to take forever.The waves came by like double decker buses and like waiting for one they just came one after the other, the winds were at times 32knots. We did a 2 hour on watch system - not much could be seen from the cockpit but the radar displayed our only sighting - an oil rig - and you guessed it, we had to take avoiding action! Not surprising there was no answer on the vhf when we called them a ship but it still wouldn't get out of the way.
We have had Ali and Richard on Vulcan Spirit to call up when they have been in range. Because their auto helm course computer packed up they have had to hand steer all the way. Not fun in these conditions.
Maymio continues to keep us safe and looks forward to hoisting the stars and stripes on our arrival in the USA, probably Sunday.