Day 1 Antigua to Bermuda

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Mon 28 Mar 2022 10:58
18:21.394N 61:35.482W

Good morning

As lovely as it is to be back on board and sailing somewhere new, it was really sad to leave Antigua.

We have had such a wonderful 3 months, great times with old friends and new. The tot club as always has looked after us and kept us fully rummed!!! Big shout out to Sally, Joe, Anne, Pam and Steve who came to see us off. Also dear Uncle Elwyn and Aunty Mo, Verity says she is coming to stay ASAP!

We slipped lines at 1200 local time today and after a small beat round the bottom of the island we headed up the East side of Barbuda. Its now 2200 local time and we are just across from Anguilla. We have between 10 -15 knots of true wind and there is alot of South in it, which is unusual for this part of the world, but makes for a very nice start to the journey as the boat is nice and flat.

We are currently heading straight at Bermuda, however that will change tomorrow with a slight windhole and ridge to negotiate.

All is well onboard, we split into watches about 1500 today and everyone is doing well.

The Watches are Verity, Jesper, Ash, Marko, Petr, Max and Charlie, Andy, JJ, Simon, Shawn, Manel, Jorin. This trip we are representing The UK, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland and Portugal. A great international crew, but suprisingluy for us, a lack of ladies. This is the 1st trip we have ever done without a female guest on board....come on ladies!

The crew will update this blog and position report daily, this will be around 0600 boat time.