Day 19, Antigua to Portsmouth

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Fri 1 May 2020 23:14
The big blue expanse of a wind hole on a grib! Not what you want to wake up to!  0 knots of wind! 
The wind hole slightly shifted overnight so we have had to backtrack on our NE course for a bit to circumnavigate it as quickly as we can and get back into some wind. That means as the VMG wise we have only covered 100 miles today. Sad times!
The engine has been on all day, but its not the biggest engine in the world so we have an average speed under engine of 4/5 knots! She was built for sailing!
Hopefully by lunchtime tomorrow we will be back under sail and heading to Portsmouth.
Big thanks to Connors mum for the lovely email, it really made us smile and we will be doing the pub quiz tomorrow lunch time, battle lines have been formed and the loosing watch gets the worst job for the deep clean!
Martin, a good friend of Lances who keep his boat where we will be berthing has also emailed with the news that the chippy is open in Gossport......that raised a cheer on the boat and the topic of fish and chips has dominated the conversation ALL DAY!
Are you a mushy peas, gravy, curry sauce or a chips, cheese and coleslaw fan?
and finally a thank you to our Bas's mum and dad, they have been sending the most wonderful and supportive text messages, much appreciated.
Speak tomorrow and hopefully we will have been sailing, smashed out 200 miles and will be in Portsmouth by Sunday! (more realistically Monday/Tuesday at this rate!!!)
C x