Day 1

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Sun 12 Apr 2020 22:00
18:02.887N 061:40.927W
After a morning of pre departure checks we slipped early afternoon, hoisted the main and started heading towards our 1st waypoint (just 800 miles away !)
Our plan is to head North (as we currently have a NE wind) until we pass over a low pressure ridge, then we will have the wind direction to head towards home (with some jiggery pokery as this is sailing, so its completely against the rules to go straight to where you want to go!)
There are 12 of us onboard and everybody is getting into the routine of boat life already.  We are running a 3 watch system so you are on for 3 and off for 6. As we are not racing its a nice chilled out watch system, only 1 night watch and as you get alot of sleep on this rotation, it ends up being very sociable during the day.
We have only sailed with 2 of the crew before, Danny sailed with us back to Antigua from the Heineken Regatta in St Martian and Johannes who joined us on our crossing over here from Gibraltar to Antigua so he has many Telefonica Black sea miles under his belt! The rest of the team will intro themselves when it falls on their turn to do the blog.
We were both really sad to leave Antigua, it was our first visit there and we will 100% be coming back.
The Caribbean 600 and the Heineken Regatta were both tough races for different reasons, challenging courses, not enough wind, too much wind!! But what makes these races special are the crews we get onaboard and neither of these crews disappointed, amazing times were had. Simone (and Kim) did both of the races and she is very kindly taking over our social media while we are away to have a look back at both events. Thanks Simone!
We have been made so welcome in Antigua and have come away with friends for life, not only that but we are now very proud members of the legendary Tot club. A whole blog must be dedicated to the tot club so watch our for a future episode !
Homeward bound!
Miles to go....about 4000
ETA, before Christmas!
Love to all
Lance and Claire