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Lance Shepherd
Sun 3 May 2020 09:39
Hi team
Well the wind gods are misbehaving!
Just after our position report we downloaded new weather, not good! A lot of head scratching and fuel calculations were being worked out and we have decided to do a pit stop in Plymouth.
Its time to come clean with you don't be angry we just didn't want to worry anyone until we could speak with all the friends and family of everyone on board.
So half way through our journey, 2000 miles from Antigua, 2000 miles from the UK, 1000 miles from the Azores we had a knockdown and ripped the main sail and the J4. Unfortunately the rip in the main was above reef 3 and there was no way of fixing it. So outcomes the trusty storm tri sail and we have been sailing with that every since. As you can imagine it has been slow going however we are safe, well and always have back up plans.
The first back up plan was to stop at the Azores (we had spoken to them and got permission, but would not be allowed to leave the boat)  to refuel/get more food however we were making good progress so decided to crack on with the journey.
We then spoke with marinas along the South coast to ensure we could stop to refuel if needed. As you can see from out blog yesterday we thought we were going to make it.
Initially the routing was showing an arrival of 16/17 days, on top of that we always add 5 days emergency stock and then a couple for luck!
Due to us being much slower than planned. our fuel and food onboard have been closely monitored.
We use fuel everyday to charge the batteries that run all the boat systems (well until next year when we are going green with a wind generator and solar panels!) and we have also done more motoring than usual. We do have enough fuel to motor to Portsmouth today but it would be at 4.5 knots and there is a weather system building with headwinds down the channel.  
We didn't think we would make it before the headwinds so we have decided better to be safe than sorry and pop into Plymouth.
Our main priority is to keep everyone safe onboard and not be a burden on any authorities/communities during these unprecedented times at home. If we carried on today and got caught in a foul tide, with headwinds and with our lack of a main sail there may have been a risk. So a big thank you to Plymouth for allowing us to refuel and restock.
Hopefully the winds clear soon and we will carry on round to Portsmouth, if not Plymouth looks like a nice place to live!!!
editors note*  We would just like to thank Lance our wonderful skipper for keeping us safe in such a professional way