Day 15, Antigua to Portsmouth Connors blog

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Lance Shepherd
Tue 28 Apr 2020 00:11

Hi All

Below is the lovely Connors Blog, however i just thought i would add that we have gybed and are moving again! 1000 miles to go so hopefully arrive by this weekend or Monday morning. The good thing about the last 1000 is you really feel like you are making progress as the numbers count down. The wind was slightly weaker than we expected/prepped for but better safe than sorry! i am sure it is just lulling us into a false sense of security and will kick our butts soon!!!! We currently have 10 knots of wind and are heading for the English Channel.



West to east seems to be a little more finicky that the old, Med to Caribbean route, swinging down on the trade winds.. Skirting on the edge of these low pressure systems to head north-easterly, is a brilliant tactic for purely sailing, however it's a little all or nothing in terms of wind strength. The navigational approach is really something to be admired, along with receiving Simon's weather routing emails, i really can take something from this crossing, rather than being cooped up in luxury on a super yacht. None the less, i do bloody miss a hot shower, and the day-to-day luxuries of every day life. It will certainly not go unappreciated when we arrive, i think that goes for every one of us.

Kraken is where its at! Every days a learning day, testing and always a challenge encountered to keep your mind focused. As tedious and tough it might be sometimes, we'll come away with a sense of pride, and be grateful for the little things at the other end.

Keeping yourself engaged and occupied on this journey is very important, there is only so much screen time you can bare! So i have some pretty wicked GoPro footage of crew, Basman gliding downwind on the A2 Spinnaker, the lyrical wizard Lee giggin' around and Nati surfing this beast of a boat down waves! I will be splicing together my wee clips to portray a little of what we have encountered on this mission across the Northern Atlantic.

Proud to be apart of the crew, on the Kraken, shuffling towards family and friends on the flip side!

chowchow for now ma'peepz xox