9. French Poetry

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Lance Shepherd
Mon 27 Jan 2020 03:19
14:09.772N 037:31.954W - Number of Gybes: 14 - Miles to go: 1428 nm - ETA: 03/02/2020 06:33h
Max. boatspeed: 17.2 - Max. boatspeed winner: Alex
Half way through our journey, what could be better for our beloved blog than a bit of French poetry. Inside this incredibly diverse crew sneaked in a young guy from Brittany - a land of sailors where Europe says goodbye to the sun - who for your satisfaction, will bring you his view on this marvelous journey.
When you spend several days in the ocean, it becomes obvious that time is an abstract human conception. The way we structure our lives around weeks, days and months disappear to only leave the ambivalence day/night. You're floating in time and space. Souvenirs aren't dated : Nobody could tell when events happened on the boat as nobody is keeping track of the days passing.
It's weird because time flies so fast. I was expecting to have so much time to do so many things but I think the hypnotizing and undisrupted swing of the waves together with the warmth of the sun put my consciousness asleep, my past, my future and my worries away, as time doesn't exist anymore.
The world is reduced to a boat of 10 people. Our world is reduced to a wind angle, who is making the best cup of tea or coffee, what kind of dry food is in our menu, watches, sleep, watches, sleep, watches..  am I repeating myself ? Sometimes, we have the visit of our friends the dolphins, to give us a reminder that we are not alone in the immensity of the ocean.
Sometimes, when I am under a sky covered of stars and a sea lit by the bioluminescent planktons, I think about the outside world, frozen, quietly waiting for us to return to our phone to start running again.
We're sailing out of time in the sea, only the sea, the same, every single day, we could be 10 or 1000 miles away from the coast it wouldn't really make any difference.
But one day we will wake up on the other side of the Atlantic in Antigua. One day we'll be back on Earth...
One day .....