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Lance Shepherd
Fri 17 Jan 2020 15:49
Blog VII - Las Palmas Pitstop
After a great trip during which we had up to 20 knots of wind, patches of no wind and most of all great spirit amongst the crew we arrived in the Marina of Las Palmas at 7pm last night. Our top boatspeed was 14.7 knots, we spend 5 days on board with 40 night hours and we logged a distance of 758nm.
During the day we decided that we 'no matter what' would NOT eat freeze dried food but go to a restaurant and have a real meal. This basically meant we were craving a beer (or two). When you arrive after a 5 days trip without any possibility to shower you have to set your priorities. Obviously this meant having a couple of beers, eat and have some more beers. Everybody showered the next morning Hot smile emoticon
Today was a busy day with cleaning the boat, prepping it for the crossing, welcoming the new guests, doing groceries and do some (minor) repairs. But Lance and Claire run a tight ship and it looks like we are right on schedule. The plan is to have a crew meal tonight with the Gibraltar - Las Palmas people and the new arrivals all together. I am sure they will have enough to talk about. Tomorrow we will leave the dock around lunch time.
The team for the crossing consists of 10 people: Lance, Claire, David, Alex and myself as the regular crew and Johannes (GER - who was already onboard because he is doing the full monty Gibraltar - Antigua), Marie (GER), Pierre (FRA), Drew (USA) and Jose (Peru). I will make sure you will get an answer on 'why they are on this trip' during the crossing.
A little bird whispered in my ear that Lance will also be writing a blog somewhere during the course of the trip. I am already looking forward to it.
Please stay tuned and 'see' you on the other side!