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Lance Shepherd
Mon 13 Jan 2020 22:37
II - Off we go
1730 we slipped our lines at the marina in Gibraltar. I could feel a sense of relieve amongst everyone. Finally we are off..
We started early this morning with the safety and deck brief. The crew also needed to put their life jackets back together after they inflated them last night. The purpose of this is dual: First, it is to check if the life jacket has no leaks or damages. Secondly it is for the crew to get used to the jacket and make it their 'own'.
Around 1230 we broke for lunch at the marina restaurant and even though everybody felt like a nice nap would be in order after the humongous meal, Lance showed no mercy and we moved right along with the below deck brief.
Around 1500 we were ready to go. I am sure some heads were spinning at that point considering all the information given but usually it all falls into place as soon as you go out there and do it. We needed to do a quick pit stop for diesel and at 1730 we actually went for the Gibraltar Strait.
The weather is nice. Wind about 10 knots on the beam and we are doing a nice 10 knot boat speed. Everybody is slowly settling in and waiting for their first freeze dried meal. Tonight we expect 10 - 15 knots wind in about the same direction. In about 45 minutes the watch system will start. We are with 11 people divided over 2 shifts. Lance is the 'floater' moving between the 2 watches. At night we do 4 hours on, 4 hours off and during the day this changes to 6 hours on, 6 hours of. Nice and easy. A great start!
Oh.. and I almost forgot. As we left the marina we were accompanied by a couple of dolphins. If that isn't a good sign.
'Talk' to you tomorrow