Day 9, Antigua to Portsmouth

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Lance Shepherd
Tue 21 Apr 2020 22:43
Today we took our 70ft surf board out to play and it was alot of fun! If there was a sound track of the day the Beach Boys would be playing!
The wind and waves are behind us and as we get to the top of a wave the excitement builds for the next. A big whoosh and off we go. Amazing fun and by the noise of the helms they are having the best time.
It does make living down below quite tough, so today was one of relaxment, all tasks were put on the back burner and the films and books came out. Food came in the easy form of noodles and freeze dried chicken korma. Very tasty.
Tomorrow will be our 10th day at sea, so its watch change time, this way the whole team gets to know each other. The new watches will be. Connor, Nati, Danny and Marta. Elliott, Harry and Lee. Erik, Bas and Johannes.
Everyone is well onboard and looking forward to crossing the half way mark today. Counting down the days until we can have a shower!!!