Day 14, Antigua to Portsmouth

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Mon 27 Apr 2020 04:12
Slow going! We have had no wind for the last couple of days so it feels like this sector is taking ages! The engine is on and will be until this afternoon and then it looks like we will be sailing again.
Here is the brief run down of what we are expecting, so as you can see we should speed up a bit!
Monday 27th: NW6-10 backing W5-10 & patchy then SW 10-15 then SSW 20-25(g30-35) by late afternoon.  There’s a good chance that one of these small pop up hipster lows may develop, so heavy squalls are likely
Tuesday 28th: after a very unsettled night things should steady up with a more settle NW 25-30 (g35) after the front & any associated secondary low activity has gone through.  This should ease & back a little, WNW 20-25(g30-35)
Wed 29th: Increase in pressure to WNW 25-30 (g35, easing & backing W) as the next ridge ahead of the next low approaches.
Thu 30th: a rather unsettled day – typical transition from one low to the next with W backing S then increasing with the front, veering SW 20-25(g30) behind it.
We have 1200 miles to go and thoughts onboard have turned to being on land!
We will ever feel warm again? Ohhhh I cant wait for my mums Sunday Roast, what first, red wine or beer! From the giggles of what we are missing to the more somber fact of what to expect when we get home. We are so removed from it all on the boat, we forget that we wont be popping to the pub or seeing friends and that the whole landscape has changed.
But i am sure of one thing, you will all be extremely glad of social distancing when we get off this boat, as this is day 14 of no shower.......i cant imagine what we will smell like after 20!
Love to all
Claire and Lance bb