Day 10, Antigua to Portsmouth

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Lance Shepherd
Wed 22 Apr 2020 22:22
Half way!
This morning we past the virtual half way mark. The miles completed now outnumber the miles to go and thats a great feeling. Woop Woop!
I think everyone needed the boost today as the weather has been typical North Atlantic gray for the last couple of days! Wet, cold, damp, rain, mizzle, drizzle and all the other words for damp! Inside the boat currently looks like a laundry room with socks and gloves hanging from every available space.
It may be wet, but the pay off is consistent wind from the SW allowing us good progress East.
We will be going in this direction until Sunday then we will head north again on the final stint home.
We have been sent in a few are our answers
What did you eat today?
Breakfast was porridge and cereal. Lunch was a salad with, Tuna, potatoes, olives, peppers, red cabbage, green beans, sweetcorn and a nice boiled egg on top. Dinner was Chicken al a king and rice. Dinner was out of a can so we just needed to heat that up and make the rice, it was a bit like chicken supreme, very tasty!
What to do you with the rubbish?
Nothing goes over the side, we bring everything back with us. It all gets bagged and put in the Laz. The Laz is basically the garden shed of the boat, we store everything in there!
Are there beds?
Yes, we sleep on cot bunks. Basically a bunk sticks out of the wall and is on a pully system so you can adjust the angle you sleep at. If there are lots of waves you may crank it up higher so you dont fall out. There are 14 bunks in total on the boat but we dont use them all. There are 2 in the Laz that we use for storage and 4 up front in the bow that we use to keep all the food on. We just use the 8 bunks in the main area. We dont need a bunk each as there is always someone on watch sailing the boat.
Is there a toilet?
Yes! We like to call it the throne! If you have a look on our website, there is a video of the lovely Kim demonstrating how to use them!
Let us know if you have any more questions.
We hope everyone is well.