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Lance Shepherd
Mon 3 Feb 2020 08:14

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Well here we are on our last day at sea !
30 miles to go !
What happened about Brexit ? Are we in/out or did we just shake it all about?
How is Australia getting on with the terrible fires ? have the gods been kind enough to rain and help put them out? or perhaps the Government ? or has it been left in the extremely brave firefighters to carry  on winning small battles and eventually win the war?
Whose winning the Clipper Race ? - cant see the Race Viewer out here, and no daily schedule to see where the other boats are.
Questions to ask 'SIRI'
Do Dolphins sleep ? do they keep swimming if they do? How is freeze dried food actually made?
These and many more questions we have on arrival in Antigua.
It never ceases to amaze me how vast and desolate our planet can be, even after having the good fortune and opportunity to Skipper a 'Clipper Round the world Yacht' in the 17/18 Race and Circumnavigating the Globe over an 11 month period at speed with 11 other Race Yachts, you easily forget how lonely it can be crossing an Ocean in a relatively small boat with a small group of people.
Our Voyage has been great, the ups and downs of Ocean sailing brought by winds from the wrong direction, not enough wind on occasions and too much on others... a continual test of seamanship and the ability of the crew to keep things going and making good progress to our destination-namely the Bar in Nelsons dockyard, Antigua for a very large Rum.
Seriously I am looking forward to exploring the history of Antigua and the legacy and history of Lord Nelson, who is one of my most revered sailors alongside Sir RKJ of course!
Thanks to the crew and watch leaders for doing an outstanding job this last couple of weeks, its been a blast !!
The Motley Crew;
Lance      (British)
Claire       (Scottish)
David       (Irish)
Alex          (Ginger-British)
Angela     (Dutch)
Pierre       (French)
Marie       (German)
Johannes  (German)
Jose          (Peruvian)
Drew        (American)