Day 4 Antigua to Portsmouth

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Wed 15 Apr 2020 22:41
Sorry for the lack of comms, we had a small issue with our emails but Mike from Kraken Travel was our hero and sorted it all out for us.
On every crossing like this we always have back up devices so we were able to receive messages about the weather and communicate the issues.
We have had the good fortune of working with Mike and Henry from Kraken Travel since we set up the business. They have some amazing boats on their books, expeditions and racing all over the world and some awesome sail and ski trips that i will defo be booking on in the future. Not only are their trips great but they have really helped us navigate starting up the business and been extremely helpful. Cheers guys x
So since we last spoke, we are still going in the same direction! however the turn to the right is imminent and its looking like there is some tricky weather coming our way. It is very likely we will stay south out of its path as the wind is forecast to gust up to 60 knots. We are not in any hurry to be anywhere at the moment so sailing around it and adding a few days on is the current plan.  
For the last couple of days we have had a NE wind so its been quite bumpy onboard, there have been quite a few squalls and we had an interesting moment that the wind did a full 360. The boat is a bit wet and everyone feels like they have been in a bit of a washing machine, kit is everywhere and damp. However the sun came out this afternoon, the wind came round to the E, the drying lines went up, Lee got out his guitar, the boat got dried out and everything is where it should be!  Happy dry crew!
Normally on this boat we eat freeze dried food as the galley consists of a kettle, however with all the travel restrictions all over the world we unfortunately didnt get our freeze dried delivery. We had enough on board for 50% of the trip and for the rest of the time......we are actually going to have to cook! A camp stove, a pot, a ladle and a tin opener have been purchased! Tonight is the 1st night that we are trying this out, on the menu is the good old fav of Mac Cheese. I will report back tomorrow how everything goes!
Everyone onboard is well, we are extremely lucky to have some cracking sailors and all the fun is being had!
Love to all