Day 12, Antigua to Portsmouth

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Fri 24 Apr 2020 21:54
Well today was a game of 2 halves!
This morning we changed the clocks, we moved our boat time by 3 hours. So it is now getting light when it should and not 3am in the morning.
The sun came out to surprise us today and while we were showering/doing laundry and generally tidying and drying the boat out some dolphins came and gave us a show. There were about 30 of them all playing round us. Magic.
Then the clouds rolled back in and the wind picked up. We were expecting around 15 knots but it was slowly edging up to 20. Sail change time. We took down the A7 and hoisted the jib. Then the wind kept increasing to 30, then 35 knots. Down with the jib and up with the staysail. However the jib was not playing nice and didn't want to come down. Unfortunately the trip line for the bullet lock snapped so the wonderful Connor had to get hoisted up the mast. The major bonus about putting Connor up rather than Lance is Connor is 1/2 the weight and also climbs!!
So now after a bit of a battle, the staysail is up, the jib is down, we ran downwind while doing all the evolutions so the boat was nice flat and safe. BUT, as we went to go back on course we got a windshift, the wind is now coming from where we want to go, to we are closehauled heading into it. It cost us 16 miles in the wrong direction and we are now bouncing our way back up them!
Everyone is still laughing and on great form, even while they are getting huge cold waves over them!
Nati was a star and cooked everyone a nice hot meal for when they came off deck.
Lee is already getting fan mail/texts about his poem. Maybe his next poem could be about his bromance with his 2 watch buddies Elliott and Harry!
1500 miles to go, the wind just needs to start behaving itself!!!
Over and out!