Sunsets, supermoons and finally the Solent!

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Lance Shepherd
Fri 8 May 2020 14:23

We made it! We have arrived at Hamble Yacht Services ready for our lift out next week.
The sun is shining and the damaged main, the freezing temperatures and the 60 knots winds feel like a lifetime ago. It’s amazing how the mind works, through the trip you may have moments of “why am I doing this” but once you get on land those memories fade and all the laughs, the friendships forged and the sense of achievement are at the forefront.

A huge thank you to Plymouth, the harbour master, border force and the wonderful team at Plymouth Yacht Haven made entry into the country seamless and we felt extremely welcome.

After a shower, fish and chips, a refuel and shop we set off on Thursday morning to catch the tide. Unfortunately there was no wind, but the journey down the coast was stunning. Because of the super moon the tides were so strong. At Portland Bill there was 8 knots. We didn’t venture inland as the overfalls and speeds would make it dangerous but we still had a respectable 4 knots under us.
Sunset was spectacular with hues of pink lining the sky and the ocean not wanting to be outdone sent in a pod of dolphins. Once the sun had set, the supermoon came out and it was like helming in daylight, just amazing. Nature really outdid itself for our last night at sea. By dawn we had reached the needles and we entered the Solent.
After being out in the ocean the Solent can feel like you have just entered a motorway but today it was eerie, we were the only boat on the water.

Cowes Harbour commission gave us permission to pull in and drop off two of the crew, Connor and Nati and then we headed up the Hamble.

Once we were back in the world of phone reception we have been a bit gobsmacked how far and wide Lee and Lances interview has gone. Initially it was for BBC South East but it was then picked up by the national news and then BBC world. We have had friends from all over the globe getting in touch to say they have seen our boat on telly! Hopefully it inspires people to have a go and book a trip in these hard business times.
This is not how we thought our 1st year of business would end, but we have some great adventures, races and experiences lined up for next season and we will be working hard to get the boat ready and back in the water by the time everything kicks off.

Lances maintenance list is long and interesting, our big priorities are the sails, instruments and hull. We are also looking at trying to make the boat more eco friendly and are in talks with a company that use non toxic antifoul wrap on the hull and we are also looking at replacing the generator with wind vains and solar panels.

And finally a huge thank you and well done to our Antigua crew. The North Atlantic is not for the fainthearted and you should be extremely proud of your achievement.

Until next season......

All the best

Claire and Lance

P.s. the maintenance list is long and distinguished and starts as soon as lockdown is over so if any of you fancy painting, scrubbing, rewiring, sowing, plumbing, building, shopping, rigging or servicing deck equipment feel free to pop down.
Lance said in return you get
“to spend quality time with captain Lance and learn how to fix stuff, also my fantastic personally, good looks, witty conversations and charm. Oh and beer!!!”

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