6. Half way??

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Fri 24 Jan 2020 18:22
16:31.138N 026:51.067W - Number of gybes: 6 - Distance to Antigua: 2000 nm
Max speed: undefined - Speed winner of the day: ...
Oof.. it was a difficult day today. After a relatively quiet an uneventful night with an average of 18 knots of wind we changed the J4 (jib) to the A7 at 1000 and not soon after we hoisted the A2 (a really big Asymmetric for lighter winds). Just when we hoisted the A2 the wind dropped to 7 knots and on occasion it was even less.
So sailing wise it was not a challenge at all. With no wind the temperature rose rapidly and we were allowed to take off our life jackets. Those off watch practiced a little bit on their knots, we threw buckets of Atlantic water over ourselves to cool off, Pierre (who will be introduced in a later blog) played the Ukulele.
Yesterday the same Pierre started a story (4 lines) and the next person had to continue the story based on the last line of Pierre his paragraph and so on. 10 People wrote 4 lines and it was hilarious. Today we played the story which was mainly about David, Alex, a mermaid and dolphins. Pierre brought a professional microphone and we used Johannes his camera to record it all. Drew became the narrator as everybody got to play their part. Personally I can't wait to see the result and just maybe we will post it on Facebook as soon as we have wifi in Antigua.
Antigua.. the goal of this trip. Today is day 6 and theoretically we could be half way, but we still have 1953 nm to go. The last 6 days we have not really done the shortest distance but we did the fastest track possible under the circumstances (wind force and direction). At 1800 this evening we gybed to starboard tack and with a heading of 275 degrees this should take us straight across to Antigua. The big question now is: when will we arrive?
Since everybody seems to have an answer we decided to start a raffle today. Everybody had to fill in the date and time they think we will dock in Antigua. Thanks to Lance and Claire there really is something at stake: the winner gets a real Telefonica Black T-shirt! Lets just hope we do not have too many more days like today.. With days like this it is also impossible to nominate the maximum speed winner and that takes the joy (pressure?) out of helming when there is nothing else to do.
But... we saw whales!! It was a group of 3 and they were a bit far away, but we saw them none the less. A great experience for most of us. It was a shame that Jose his drone (yes he brought a drone) had just landed safely back on deck. The footage he was able to take of Telefonica Black was mesmerizing though and knowing Jose he will make a great movie out of it. Obviously we will also share this as soon as we are back on wifi.
It is nice to have no reception, to be disconnected from the world for a while, but I am sure that most of us can't wait to get back online and share their awesome experience onboard Telefonica Black.
At least 6 more days to go..