Day 6, Antigua to Portsmouth. Sail chat!

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Lance Shepherd
Fri 17 Apr 2020 22:41
After almost 1000 miles at sea, we have gybed the boat! Woohoo! You cant imagine what the excitement was like onboard!
Since leaving Antigua we have been in a North Westerly breeze, allowing us to point North. The wind was then due to slowly veer to the SW and we followed the wind round so we were pointing at the Azores. The wind carried on round to the SE where we gybed and started pointing North again. After the gybe we were waiting for a front to go over us, once that passed the wind would shift from the SE to the NE allowing us to point at the Azores again......All went like clockwork, the weather did what it was meant to albeit it stuck in a 4 hour wind hole for no reason!
Over the next 4 days we will be heading East, to start with we will have wind from the NNW, then a wee wind hole and than a blow from the SW. We will be staying pointing to the East until the worst of the SW is above us (as it looks a bit fruity in the middle!) and then we will use the tail end of that to get North again.
We currently have 2 reefs in the main and the J2 up, after the wind hole before the Southwesterly we will be swapping down to the J4 or even the storm jib. We haven't really had the chance to get any downwind sailing or a good broad reach in yet. Since leaving Antigua we have been at an apparent wind angle of about 40 - 50 degrees, sometimes we get to 60 and she lifts up her skirts showing the crew what she has underneath and you should see the looks on their faces! We should soon have the opportunity to crack out the big sails and let her go, it will defiantly help with the mileage count!
All is well onboard, The Balbeggie News Desk (my Mum!) is keeping us informed and updated. As we have such an international crew onboard she is also doing a daily international piece. So far we have had Swiss, German and Antigua. Tomorrow it may be French, Slovakian, Polish, Dutch or Canadian!
We are loving the news about Veteran Tom Moore raising such an amazing amount for our wonderful NHS, congratulations Tom from the middle of the Atlantic!
Love to all at home
Claire and the crew x