7. Lesson learned

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Sat 25 Jan 2020 09:28
16:21.960N 029:56.298W - Distance to go: 1867 nm
Our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is currently the second of February late in the afternoon. Today during the day we got an ETA of 05/02/2020 and when we were doing barely 4 knots of boatspeed it even jumped to 14.02.2020! 
But do not worry too much. The ETA is based on the current boatspeed like the satnav in your car calculates your ETA based on your speed. Later tonight and tomorrow we expect the wind to increase till about 20-22 knots which will push back the ETA accordingly.
Yesterday I wrote about Pierre and his creative idea to make a movie about a story we created. Pierre (FRA) has not yet been properly introduced and it is about time to finally do so. Pierre is from Brittany and promised a friend who lives in St Barths years ago he would come visit one day. This fall he decided to finally make some definite plans and around December he hitchhiked from his hometown to the south of France and on to Gibraltar. His goal was to find a boat to sail across the Atlantic and find his way to St Barths. In Gibraltar however he found out it was not as easy as he thought to find a boat and after talking to a skipper over a beer he decided to take his advice and take a plane to Las Palmas. Once there he saw an add in which they offered wave boarding lessons so Pierre decided to stay around a little longer and learn Spanish on the go.
A week became 2 weeks, became a month and soon there after (still not able to really wave board or speak Spanish for that matter) he decided it was time to move on. He posted his profile on Crew finder on Facebook not expecting much of it, but received a message from Claire a couple of days later.. The rest is history. Pierre has sailed a little bit in a dinghy and that is helping him immensely on the helm. He does not know yet how he will go from Antigua to St Barths but he is hoping to catch a ride on boat that happens to go into that direction. As I wrote yesterday he has brought some serious recording equipment and we see him daily with the microphone in his hand recording sounds of the boat, the waves, our voices and more. These sounds he composes into music and his plan is to post this online as soon as it is ready. We will keep you posted on that!
As for us the less creative we have passed our day hanging around in the sun or shade, doing some push- and situps, talking about our goal in life (really!) and helming when on watch. Today was a stress free day. Except for Alex I think. He has been going on about how he wanted his hair cut since Gibraltar and today David finally got the scissors out. Nobody really dared to take the plunge and Alex seemed very hesitant too when we put him on the spot. Until Lance came on deck: 'pass me the scissors, sit down Alex' and off he went. He dove right in. Just so you understand: Alex his hair was about 12 cm on top of his head and in one go Lance cut 10 cm off. 'No turning back now'..
We were all stunned by the big strains of gingery hair that fell down on deck and could not imagine a good outcome. But Lance worked his magic and to be fair it looks quite all right.
We all learned a lesson though: never let a Ex-Royal Marine cut your hair..