Day 11 - Updated. Lee Blog

Telefonica Black
Lance Shepherd
Fri 24 Apr 2020 14:13
As promised here is Lees Blog.
To the land dweller
to the watery soul
finding yourself at sea
can change your inner flow
See for me it wasn't simple
but a friend did urge me go
step aboard Telefonica Black she said
I'm sure they'll get you home
Then Lance and Claire both standing there
with open arms and warming glares
'You're welcome Lee, come join our team
let's crew this boat across the seas'
So here we are 'bout half way through
12 days in - a molded crew
each diverse - a slow cooked stew
European brunch for 12 will do
Now let's make the Atlantic shuffle
let's watch the black beneath
let's hope to see a whale or two
let's reach, lets tack, lets beat!
We'll keep this fire burning
the flames beneath the coals
with the wind so firmly in our sails
let's get this Kraken home!