Race Day

Sun 5 Nov 2023 09:40
28:07.589N 15:25.590W

Just under three hours to the starting hooter. The Crew are ready, Moose is ready, just a few departure procedures to complete and we are off. Everyone is very excited and perhaps even a little nervous!! 

It’s a little breezy out there so it should be a swift but lumpy passage.  It just shy of 900 miles to Mindello so we should get there late next week. 


There is now another way to follow us and the other 90 boats, the ARC rally tracker. 
You can view the ARC tracker Either on the World Cruising Club website Fleet Viewer or on the YB Races app which can be downloaded from the Android or iOS app stores, just search for ‘YB Races’:

YB Races app: Select Add Races at the top of the screen, pick Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) 2023 to add it to ‘My Races’, then select it and choose ARC Plus 2023. You will then see a map showing the rally course and at the bottom you can select Teams to view all participating boats. Search for Moose or scroll down the list and select it. You will then see details about Moose and you can select ‘On Map’ at the top right of the screen to view on the tracker map.

Fleet Viewer website: Choose Arc Plus 2023 then search for Moose in the Teams list or scroll down and select it. You will then see details of Moose and its location on the map.