A Great Day Sailing

Tue 28 Nov 2017 05:12
Position Monday 27th Nov 12.00 noon 16 55.3 N 28 19,2 W
Once again, the day started with great excitement as we were visited by a 20 - 25 strong pod of dolphins, this time however they stayed with us for a good 20 minutes, performing various stunts and acrobatics before leaving us to hopefully entertain other crews sailing the Arc.
Watching the dolphins delayed us in raising the spinnaker, a pivotal moment for us as it signified that the trade winds had finally arrived and we were definitely on our way. What followed was a brilliant day’s sailing with winds of 15 – 18 knots directly behind us enabling us to hit speeds of over 10 knots per hour, our best day yet, may it long continue. “ Moose “ sails brilliantly in these conditions and you will hopefully see us improve our position and expected arrival time quite dramatically,
Excitement over, it was then down to some serious work and the Sicilian rope trick, too difficult to explain in this blog but I can assure you that it’s hours of fun and I’m certain you will all be exposed to it on our return. The pictures below give you an idea of the fun to be had.
The fine weather and winds are expected to continue for the rest of the week so in the words of  Joe Wicks “ we’re smashing it”.
Good night to you all, catch you again tomorrow.