I will sail 500 miles

Thu 23 Nov 2017 22:13
23:57.2N 23:24.2W our position 12:00 (ships time) today
During what was a very calm and peaceful night we passed the milestone of 500 nautical miles, while cruising at a blistering speed of 6.5 knots
Apologies for yet another sunset/sunrise picture but today’s were spectacular, this morning’s smooth sea added a little something to 5 o'clock
This year’s weather has been somewhat unconventional to say the least, the usual east to west trade winds set in early and then all but disappeared just before the start of the ARC. We have therefore not been able to follow the old adage of “go south until the butter melts and then turn right” and have instead sailed mainly west to pick up some wind. We are now trying to get south again, to avoid the weather system to the north and meet up with the easterly trades, which are expected to set in again early next week, between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean.
We get regular and detailed weather forecasts via satellite, plus we have the marvellous Simon Rowell (weather advisor to the British Olympic sailing team) watching over us and advising us from the UK.
Although the sea today still had a significant swell, the surface was smooth and the going was good, so it was time for a bit of cleaning. Moose was very salty from the earlier lumpy seas so all hand on cloths for a full interior wipe down and tidy up.
Then a little relaxing, they did offer Caroline a sunbed, honest.
After something rather large took a big bite out of one of our fishing lures this morning, the bar was raised and Guy and Rose set about creating super-lures, which they named; Big Bertha, Big Bertha’s Ugly sister and The Godfather (Pictured below).
However still no fish !!
And I will sail 500 more
(and then another 1,700)