Lady of Avalon
Guy & Deborah Tolson
Wed 8 Dec 2010 17:10
13:50.75N 47:00.14W
Wind ENE 25
Sunny – Fresh
Heading 285 deg at 8 to10 knots
Days Run made good 182 NM
807 NM to St Lucia
If this keeps up then we will be in St Lucia Monday 13th.The forecast is favourable for consistent wind
Also the Rain and Squalls have left us for now.  Wind  (up to 30 knots) and waves 3.5 mtrs are testing enough as we surf at 10 Knots down the crests
Debs finding helming a little physical so we may have to shorten her watch on the wheel, otherwise its all in reasonable control but we have to watch it
A few boats have blown their chutes and spinnakers and doubtless more will as they push it too much ,making up for lost time.  -
”White sails “ for only us and currently set to broad reach with 2 reef in Genoa and Main sail, then   the staysail full ,and 1 reef in the Mizzen.  
Life continues on board well enough but fishing has had to stop due to fast speed of boat.
Bye for now