Lady of Avalon
Guy & Deborah Tolson
Wed 24 Nov 2010 12:13
22:22.80N 18:40.58W
Wind ENE 5 knots
Weather Sunny
Heading 225deg
News of the day a 6 lb. Yellow Fin Tuna caught trolling on 100mtr line at 10.00 – Fillets for lunch!
Now heading to Cape Verdes under engine as winds have died on us.
Forecast shows that we may pick up favourable sailing wind to east of Verdes but then its predicted go light again, so heading direct for the islands leaving an option to go west of them , saving many miles by cutting off the corner. 
Heading more West to our destination is not a good option at the moment and will ensure only variable winds in the developing high
Up till now we have averaged nearly 150 miles a day , so not too bad in often light winds, and up to this morning we had no need for the engine.
Debs is our best look out- with two important sightings-
First a Whale spotted this morning ,dead ahead at 100mts  surfacing – which required stopping engine to avoid hitting it!
Second a  Fishing vessel last night on a converging collision course with us – which required our tacking round the back of it  to avoid it and its lines (incredible when you are looking at an otherwise empty sea )-
Very few sightings of other ARC boats now
Other than that an uneventful day, a bit noisy with the engine.
Will endeavour to get team photo tomorrow to post up on Diary