"28:55N 13:42W"

Lady of Avalon
Guy & Deborah Tolson
Wed 22 Jul 2009 07:40
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Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:12 PM
Subject: "28:55N 13:42W"

Tuesday 21st July 17.00 BST
Winds- couldn't care a less
Weather - good enough to get a sun tan
State of Crew- Guess?
Arrived 01.00 am this morning - easy 24hr entrance- no probs 
Bracing beam sail  to finish off last 40nm at night - 30 knots of wind but no sea - power house pleasure cruise!- now if I could just find that blinking green light (FL3 14S) on the mole
After solid uninterrupted comatosed sleep/
and formalities with Pepe Calero at the Capitanarie- allocated berth this morning for Avalon for next 90 days
Puerto Calero Is a fabulous marina on the East side of Lanzarote - very protected from the N/E Trades* (see Note)
Brainchild of Pepe  the marina  offers just about the lot you could need, in a Quiet/safe environment  , obviously the choice place to store a boat  
in the Canaries
Our 2nd Visit here  after 10 years to date on the Millennium (remember that?) trip, our crossing to the Caribbean in 1999
Just as good here  now - perhaps a few more Brits around ,as Lanzarote does indeed attract them
enjoying themselves at the Bulldog bar - bless.
Okay thanks for the ride with Lady of  Avalon-and crew- Debs / John / Rhett / Guy and all those listening in. 
Hope I hav,nt bored you - personally I,vet never enjoyed more the chance of  communicating with family and friends and those associated with crew and their friends and family- with a project three years in the making- with initially an, all be it a small ocean crossing, sort of a Crossroads soap on the sea/or rather an Acorn Antiques with my double vision and its dramas/ out of sink scenery in an gale - not to forget the crossed lines and ropes/and complete misunderstanding of starring roles-
I think we have done a splendid Job and I am really grateful for all the skills displayed by each of the crew who participated from cooking moral boosting meals to unburdening the boat of potentially dangerous
situations at blink of an eye/ and taking the fury of the high seas with absolute regard to the safety of both crew and vessel- I thank them all- We are here to learn and never learn more than when I,me on a boat out there!
Signing out now , until November for 2nd episode 
Special thanks to Maxine , Denise for letting those boys out of sight - rest assured the deck scrubbers were as non existent as the fish- almost!
at least John caught a net
And a big  kiss to Debsie for that" walk on the wildside"- 
All Well
* For those who sail I must qualify the winds were N/W on Friday night to create the wind over tide situation - but the prevailing N/E winds are known as the Portuguese N/E trades (and can fluctuate either side of N)